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Automatic Swing Gates

Automatic swing gates are a popular choice among residential properties as they’re easy to install and operate. They typically feature two doors on each side. When a user requests to open or close the gate, both doors swing in the same direction to permit access. Much in the same way a traditional hinge door operates.

Aside from this, an automatic swing gate is a highly practical and durable entryway.

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Automatic Sliding Gates

Automatic sliding gates offer a high level of security and protection for residential and commercial properties. The sliding gate itself is mounted parallel to the inside of the fence and slides horizontally from back to forth in order to open and close. Rollers are attached to the bottom of the sliding gate, which enables it to slide seamlessly across the track.

Another advantage to automatic sliding gates is their strength. Generally speaking, they’re harder to force open and they have less vulnerable points.

Space is also less of an issue with these gates. Since the gates slide in and out, as opposed to protrude inwards and outwards, even a relatively small driveway can accommodate for one with relative ease.

Automatic Bi-Folding Gates

Although similar in function to swinging gates, bi-folding gates require less space and are therefore ideal for smaller spaces. The gates consist of two gate panels hinged together. When activated, the gate panels fold in on themselves, which allows enough space for a car or pedestrian to enter or leave.

Because of their folding nature, bi-folding gates open fairly quickly. However, there is a greater amount of ‘entrapment points,’ so extra steps must be taken to ensure the surrounding area is safe.