Computer Repair &

Maintenance Services

Our services include: computer deployment, re-location and setup, virus and spyware removal & malicious software prevention, computer peripheral installation, configuration and networking including printers, hardware installations and upgrading memory, hard drives, SSDs, video cards, and disk drives.

1. computer deployment services, relocation & setup

We deploy computers and related devices for commercial operations and in mass quantity. Once the computers are fully deployed we will be there to walk you and your team through the operation of the computers and related technology. We will answer your questions and get your team comfortable using the new equipment. As time goes by we will continue to be there for you by answering questions or visiting your office as issues arise.

  • removing equipment from its box
  • plugging it in
  • connecting the accessories
  • turning it on
  • installing the operating system
  • installing software
  • creating profiles
  • configuring the settings
  • connecting to the network

2. virus and spyware removal & malicious software prevention

We ensure that the virus will be removed without risking the data or the have enough keep advice. Defend your computer against the latest virus, malware, spyware and ransomware attacks to avoid data loss and improve your security. We also install Antivirus Softwares

3. hardware repair & upgrades

Our computer hardware repair technicians install, examine, test and repair computer hardware and peripheral components. Testing computers’ functionality, identify the problems and replace damaged components and parts. We also do upgrades to make sure your computer runs smooth and faster.

4. Networking installation & configuration

Our team connects your router, wifi, printers and many other networking devices .Access the router’s interface and lock it down, configure security and IP addressing, Set up users account, sharing and control for your home or office network.