Online Advertising

Design your company’s advertising strategy, make the necessary budgetary adjustments in order to reorient the investments towards better conversions for your business.

Display Ads

The original form of online advertising, these are visual ads that appear on third party websites (usually ones that are related to your content or service in some way). Target the audience that would be most likely to be interested in your product or service..

  • Static images – basic banner or square ads that appear around the content.
  • Text – text ads that are created by algorithms to make text ads relevant to the surrounding content.
  • Floating banners – move across the screen or float above the regular website’s content.
  • Wallpaper – appear and change the background of a website, filling the whole page.
  • Popup ads – new windows that appear in front of the website content; newly opened window displays the full ad so visitors can see.
  • Flash –  moving ads that “flash” different content at the viewer.
  • Video – small video ads that autoplay or wait for the video to be played by the visitor.

Social Media Ads

Social Media advertising is great because we can target your audience perfectly. For example, Facebook our targeting options include age, region, interests, educational background and more.

  • Organic – creates loyalty and gives you feedback from your target audience; new form of Word-of-Mouth
  • Paid – leverage promoted posts and reach specific people

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The most dependable form of online paid advertising (and also the most common). SEM works based on keywords – you and other businesses like yours bid on keywords through search engines in an effort to get your website up higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

  • PPC
    • This is the best value package because you’re only charged when people click on the ad.
    • Also, it’s the easiest to track during the campaign.
  • CPM 
    • This makes it easy to apply a budget and you’re guaranteed a number of “shows” on the SERP.

Native Advertising

Sponsored listings at the end of blog posts, appearing on your Facebook feeds and posted to other Social Media. Integrated and camouflaged into the platform on which they appear. 

  • In-feed
  • Search ads
  • Recommendation widgets
  • Promoted listings

Video Ads

YouTube ads are the most popular and well known of video ads, there are actually several different formats, types and content options. Ideal for branding, especially if you have a product or service that is best demonstrated visually.

Avoid blatant advertising while also attracting the limited attention span of many YouTubers (short… sometimes long… ads that appear before the video you actually want to watch starts).


The best way to market to people who already know about your product and service is to remarket to them. Or retarget. Depends on who you’re talking to.

When people visit your site, you drop a cookie on them so that, as they travel around the web, your ads will appear over and over to remind them about your product or service.

This form of advertising is inexpensive and, if done right, can be more effective than PPC. It increases conversions because it reminds people of you who already know who you are.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a  faster and effective form of advertising. Great way to build customer loyalty and boost sales; when you use an email campaign. A concise message makes it easy to get your point across and increase conversions.